Erectile Dysfunction. Causes and Treatment Methods

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder of the reproductive system which increasingly concerned about the men as middle and young age. This delinquent lies in the circumstance that the man cannot conserve an erection for the time necessary for sexual intercourse. This materializes owing to insufficient blood flow to the male sex body part.
The reasons for erectile dysfunction may have completely different factors. The general issues that have a negative impact with the hard-ons :
— stress situations;
— the appearance of an inferiority complex;
— feeling tiredness;
— brain injuries ;
— the existence of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system destabilizes the reception of the nervous receptors;
— injuries and inflammations of the peripheral organs and the spinal cord;
— established between the partners psychological climate;
— the relations established between the partners;
— the presence of disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system (lowering blood pressure, essential hypertension, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis);
— the surgical operations;
— the availability of diabetes diagnosis;
— the presence of hypertension;

Plus, one of the foremost foundations of erection in men is a long period of abstinence. If the man long time no sex, that in his body sex hormones begin to suppress. If you’re still a young man, the encouragement of this influence on your potency is insignificant.This is especially threatening to men aged 40 years or more.
By the way, if you previously have thought about potency about a disease of middle-aged man, but many young guys regularly faced with such difficult.
If you found yourself in this state of affairs, do not vacillate and immediately contact your doctor. Only he will be able to suggest appropriate medications for you.
The most widely spread tactics of treatment are:
– the custom of medications that improve libido and reinforce erections for a long time;
– the usage of vacuum therapy, which is aimed at boosting blood flow to the male sex organ;
– the appointment to a therapist. If the reason for low hard-on is a family conflict on sexual violence, on this occasion the best help will give you a psychologist; Also professionals often use cognitive psychology that with the help of sensations are able to decorate your family life.
To strengthen of the male erection contributes to the consumption of foods such as walnuts, raisins, parsley, cilantro and celery juice. In order to minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction and convey out prevention of this disease, it is necessary to live a regular sexual life,to lead a healthy way of life, to live without deductions and frills, carefully read the annotation to medical treatments. And, besides to preclude of impotence you should keep to the succeeding tenets:

– The first and most significant are the rejection of bad habits (Smoking, alcohol).
– Hindrance of professional hazards;
– Avoidance of hypothermia, and as a result, prevention of inflammatory diseases of urogenital organs;
– Prevention of weakness and a sedentary lifestyle.;
-Timely visit professional examinations and treatment of existing diseases;.
– Rational manner of work and rest;
– Increased imperviousness.
Approve that it is better to prevent the evolution of erectile dysfunction than to treat it at later stages. Take care of yourself and your desire half, and beauty and healthy!